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ชุดทดสอบไฮดราซีน (0.00 -1.00 ppm.)

HI 3849

Hydrazine – Range (0.00-1.00 mg/L)

Hydrazine is a liquid chemical substance used in high pressure heating plants because of its property as an oxygen inhibitor. It reacts with dissolved oxygen and has the advantage over sulfite treatments in that it does not produce solid waste in the process. Hydrazine is added to avoid scaling and corrosion and to control the growth of bacteria. High concentrations react with ammonia and result in damage to metals. Hydrazine is also known to be toxic.


Method   Checker Disc
Range   0.00-1.00 mg/L
Smallest Increment   0.02 mg/L
Chemical Method   p-Dimethylamino-benzaldehyde
Number of Tests   100
Weight   860 g


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