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ชุดทดสอบคุณภาพน้ำ 11in1 (Backpack Lab Water Quality Test Kit)

HI 3817BP
Backpack Lab Water Quality  Test Kit


Acidity (CaCO3)

Alkalinity (CaCO3)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2 )

Oxygen, Dissolved

Hardness (CaCO3)

Nitrate (NO3-N)

(Ortophosphate PO4-3)





Backpack Lab™ Water Quality Test Kit Includes:

110 tests each for acidity & alkalinity, 100 tests for carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, hardness, nitrate & phosphate
HANNA’s pHep®4 waterproof pH/temperature tester
HANNA’s DiST®5 waterproof conductivity/total dissolved solids (TDS) tester
Secchi disk for turbidity
Backpack carrying case which holds all components of the kit
72-page teachers manual with a curriculum that meets National Science Teachers Association Standards
Parameter summary in pdf and powerpoint format (on included CD).
Laminated, laboratory instruction cards with step-by-step field test procedures
Reproducible lab activity worksheets with instructions, goals, hypothesis, and testing procedure results/observations
A glossary of key terms in pdf format (on included CD).

Order Information:

HI 3817BP Backpack Lab includes pHep®4 pocket pH tester, DiST®5 EC/TDS/temperature meter, set of 10 field test procedures, vocabulary terms blackline master, set of 10 parameter summary transparencies, set of 10 lab activity worksheets, acidity test kit, alkalinity test kit, carbon dioxide test kit, dissolved oxygen test kit, hardness test kit, nitrate test kit, phosphate test kit and backpack.


HI 70004P – 4.01 pH Buffer Solution, (25) 20 mL
HI 70007P – 7.01 pH Buffer Solution(25) 20 mL sachets
HI 70010P – 10.01 pH Buffer Solution(25) 20 mL sachets
HI 70031P – 1413 µS/cm EC Solution, (25) 20 mL Sachets
HI 70039P – 5000 µS/cm EC Solution (25) 20 mL Sachets

Reagents & Standards:
HI 3810-100 – Oxygen, Dissolved
HI 3811-100 – Alkalinity
HI 3812-100 – Hardness (as CaCO3)
HI 3818-100 – Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
HI 3820-100 – Acidity (CaCO3)
HI 3833-050 – Phosphate
HI 3874-100 – Nitrate (NO3–N)

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