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    เครื่องกวนสารละลาย HI 180G-2 Miniagitatore magnetic practical and colorful, red

    HI 180G-2

    Miniagitatore magnetic practical and colorful, red

    The HI 180 series models are miniagitatori magnetic reliable, lighter and cheaper, constructed of sturdy ABS plastic. The vibrations are reduced to a minimum and rotating parts are perfectly balanced.
    The electronic control allows you to fine tune the speed of agitation. In addition, the exclusive Speedsafe security system ensures that the speed never exceeds the maximum number of revolutions per minute, with or without load. In this way it is possible to remove the sample from the agitator even while you are working at full speed, without causing damage to the engine’s interior.
    miniagitatori The HI 180 series are available in nine different colors: yellow, light green, light blue , yellow, green, blue, red, gray and ivory.



    Parameter    Value
    Maximum volume of mixing:    1 liter
    Minimum speed:    100 rev / min
    Highest speed:    1000 rev / min
    Power supply:    230/240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
    Category of installation:    II
    Coating:    ABS plastic
    Terms of Use:    from 0 to 50 ° C; max 95% RH
    Dimensions and weight:    137 mm (dia) x 51 mm (h) 640 g

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