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อุปกรณ์วัด ISE (Tool for the Ammonium ISE in wine)

HI 84185-02 
Tool for the Ammonium ISE in wine

In the must during the alcoholic fermentation, yeasts need nitrogen and oxygen for their basic nutritional needs and growth. The power of yeast nitrogen is supplied by the ammonium ion and the amino acids. Insufficient water supply nitrogen in the vineyard or a too dry summer season can cause a deficiency of assimilable nitrogen in the must. The ammonium cation is particularly assimilable and can meet all the needs from only the yeast, including the synthesis of amino acids. The control of ammonia through the analysis of musts is one of the most important factors to ensure the good performance of the alcoholic fermentation of vini.Quando presents values ​​below 25 mg / l of ammonium cation or 160 mg / l of nitrogen similar (ammonium cations more amino acids except proline), a must must be added ammonia nitrogen (diammonium sulfate or diammonium phosphate). Thanks to HI 84185 is now possible to know the initial content of ammonium ion in the wort, in a simple and accurate, and can thus assess the appropriateness of proceeding with an enrichment of ammonia salts.

HI 84185-02 Specifications

Scale ammonium from 0 to 50 mg / l (ppm) N-NH 3
Resolution 1 mg / l N-NH 3
Accuracy ± 5% of reading
ISE HI 61101 (combined ammonium ISE)
Temperature Probe HI 7662-T
Temperature Compensation Automatic from 0 to 80 ° C
Retention 50 samples
Method ISE, standard additions
Supply 220V/50Hz, 10 Vac
Terms of use From 0 to 50 ° C; RH up to 95%
Dimensions and weight 20.8 x 21.4 x 16.3 cm / 2.2 kg

Accessories HI 84185-02

HI 4000-47 Kit for control of ISE electrodes with gas sensors: buffer solutions containing chloride (pH 4 and pH 7, 10 bags / each.) And two beakers
HI 4001-40 Filling Solution for ammonia ISE-electrodes (4 x 30 ml)
HI 4001-45 Conditioning solution for ammonia ISE electrode HI 4101 (500 ml)
HI 61001-51 Diaphragm kit for ISE electrode for ammonium analysis in wine
HI 61101 Combined Electrode ISE ammonium analysis in wine
HI 700635P Cleaning Solution for wine industry (tartaric acid), 25 sachets of 20 ml
HI 700636P Cleaning Solution for wine industry (wine stains), 25 sachets of 20 ml
HI 70635L Cleaning Solution for wine industry (tartaric acid), 500 mL
HI 70636L Cleaning Solution for wine industry (wine stains), 500-mL bottle
HI 731316 Magnetic stir bar for wine titrator (5 pieces)
HI 731341 Micropipette fixed volume 1000 l
HI 731351 Micropipette tip to 1000 l (25 pcs.)
HI 740036P 50 ml plastic beaker (10 pcs.)
HI 740143 Graduated syringe (6 pcs.)
HI 740144P Syringe tip (10 pcs.)
HI 740155 Plastic pipette for filling capillaries (20 pcs.)
HI 740159 Plastic tweezers
HI 7662-T Temperature probe thermistor with white handle
HI 84185-0 ISA solution for the analysis of ammonium in wine, bottle of 500 ml
HI 84185-1 Standard 1 for the analysis of ammonium in wine, bottle of 500 ml
HI 84185-2 Standard 2 for the analysis of ammonium in wine, bottle of 500 ml
HI 84185-20 Reagents for the analysis of ammonium in wine (about 20 tests)

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