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ชุดตรวจสอบธาตุอาหารในดิน (NPK, pH)

VISOCOLOR® reagent case for soil analysis
Reagent case for soil analysis 

For its many ecological functions a biologically active soil, which is extensively used for agriculture, has to be maintained and supported. The best, economically and ecologically most meaningful procedure is to analyse first the important parameters of the soil before planning measures such as fertilization, liming etc.

The VISOCOLOR® reagent case for soil analysis has been developed for the rapid, convenient and reliable determination of the soil condition, even in the field.

Data and ordering information
REF 914 601
Type reagent case for soil analysis

The VISOCOLOR® reagent case for soil analysis contains all reagents, instruments and accessories required for the preparation of soil extracts and the subsequent determination of

  • Phosphate (P)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Ammonium, Nitrite, Nitrate (N)
  • soil structure
  • pH

The soil extracts are either prepared with Calcium-Acetate- Lactate (CAL) solution (prior to the determination of P and K) or with CaCl2 solution (prior to the determination of N and pH).

If required by national regulations for soil analysis or because of local geological conditions, the VISOCOLOR® reagent case for soil analysis can also be used together with extraction solutions other than CaCl2 or CAL. Please consult instruction leaflets for possible interferences.

Reagents are sufficient for 110 CaCl2 extractions, 7 CAL extractions and 60 – 100 tests.

Shelf life of reagents: at least 18 months

As refills the following reagents can be used.
Parameter Range Refill
VISOCOLOR® HE pH 4.0-10.0 4.0 – 10.0 920 174
VISOCOLOR® HE Phosphorus in soil 10 – 200 mg/kg P 920 183
Pyrophosphate solution 914 611
VISOCOLOR® ECO Potassium 40 – 300 mg/kg K 931 232
QUANTOFIX® Ammonium 7.8 – 3120 mg/kg N 913 15
QUANTOFIX® Nitrate/Nitrite 2.3 – 115 mg/kg N 913 13
pH-Fix 2.0 – 9.0 2.0 – 9.0 921 18
Folded filters MN 616 1/4, 18.5 cm 532 018
CaCl2 stock solution, for 300 soil samples 914 612
CAL stock solution, for 10 soil samples 914 614

In addition to the reagent case, various VISOCOLOR® reagents can also be used for soil analysis. Please request information about suitable extraction solutions.

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